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Box Beam Instalation

Exceptional Prestressed & Precast Concrete Products

Build the project you’ve always envisioned with prestressed and precast concrete products from Precast Systems, Inc. in Allentown, New Jersey. Let us provide you with unique custom large pieces and structures that meet industry requirements.

Custom Concrete Products

Our company offers a diverse range of prestressed and precast concrete products for any building project you may have, including:

• I-Beams
• Box Beams
• Pilings
• Pile Caps
• Slabs
• Double Tees
• Bulb-Tees
• Box Girders

• Deck Slabs
• Custom Pieces

Concrete - Prestressed Concrete
Bridge - Precast Concrete Products

You can have us fabricate any concrete piece you need for a wide variety of government, municipal, or private construction endeavors you may have, such as:

• Bridges • Tunnels

• Parking Garages

Industry Experience

You can be assured as our specialists bring more than 30 years’ experience in the industry as well as extensive consulting expertise you can rely on. You have the advantage as our company is committed to bringing you the essentials, including:

• On-Time Delivery • Quality Assurance • Competitive Rates
Learn more about what our excellent prestressed and precast concrete products can do for you by contacting us in Allentown, New Jersey.